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Elana joins husband Bill Press and BSUD Jewish Parents for Collective Liberation at a Berkeley School Board meeting. “Berkeley students, teachers say civil rights complaint conflates antisemitism with criticism of Israel”



I will focus on housing that serves regular people, especially those most discriminated against, not corporate landlords and developers. I will work to expand rental protections and social housing opportunities. I will implement the long-delayed Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA). I will work to repeal Costa Hawkins so we can expand rent control in Berkeley.

People living in Alameda County qualify for “affordable housing” if they are making $100,000/year. According to a 2022 Housing Needs Alameda County presentation to the Berkeley City Council, to afford the median home for sale, a household had to earn 185% of the county’s median income or about $238,000 per year. In 2022, in order to afford the median rent, a household had to earn 72% of the county’s median income or about $93,000 per year. These income levels are not accessible for most, and that’s why we need actual affordable housing. We need housing for working people, teachers, seniors, veterans, office workers, people on social security, and others making mid and low incomes.


I will work with the Rent Stabilization Board to expand rental protections. I will advocate for the Berkeley Tenant Protections and Right to Organize ballot measure in November to expand protections for consumers in the rental housing industry. I will debunk the myth that more market rate units will eventually lead to more affordable housing in the future. We can look to San Francisco to see that this approach fails to provide more actual affordable housing. Many of the market rate units are owned by investors who have no need for monthly rental income and have no interest in our local housing market. They are in it for the return on investment, as property values have generally appreciated over time. I will support social housing initiatives and investment in Community Land Trusts. I will work to halt and reverse the cruel displacement caused by redlining and gentrification of our African American communities, and I will help them hold onto their homes and businesses while supporting the right to return of those who were forced out.

I will bring innovative financing models to create actual affordable housing. I will advocate for community land trusts, an increase in developer fees, and more public funds allocated to actual affordable housing.

A redwood from Mather Grove above UC Berkeley campus

Now that you know some of my ideas, please let me know your ideas. I want to hear from you so we can make Berkeley better together!

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