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Elana Auerbach for Berkeley City Council District 4: “Berkeley’s biggest homeless camps were closed. Where are the residents now?” Elana building temporary shelters for unhoused folk after the i-80 encampment was closed

We are at a crossroads. Will Berkeley become an empty shell of vacant market-rate housing and commercial space?
We need experienced, independent leadership.

Housing is a human right.

Let's build a better Berkeley where . . .

Small businesses thrive because we prioritize spending our money locally.

We bridge the divide of race, class and religion with dialogue, education, and justice-centric policies.

Our city's infrastructure is up to date with paved roads, a modern fire department, and a fully staffed and trained emergency dispatch center.

Local government is transparent, accountable, and operates with integrity.

Non-criminal crises are handled by unarmed first responders with relevant expertise.

Community-mindedness informs how we tend to our children and youth by providing loving childcare, engaging after school programs, and mentorship.

Everyone who lives, studies, and works here feels a sense of belonging.

Imagine a Berkeley where kindness, equity, and justice flourish!

View of San Francisco and Bay Area from Berkeley perspective
UC Berkeley student housing and beautiful rolling hills


Together, let's create a better Berkeley.

Thank you for submitting!

Elana stands with a crowd of her smiling District 4 supporters.
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